About the Author

I am a writer who cannot submit work. It always needs just one more tweek, or another relevant interview. I have struggled with this crucial step towards publication. I would be ecstatic to get a “thanks but no thanks.”

So I showed up to the website I’ve had for 3 years. Knew things would have changed, but didn’t expect everything to look and even sound different in their description.

Give me a mo and I’ll get it sorted. Promise. I have so many good stories to tell, and a few kindly wicked ones.

Struggling to become a working author, as in making money. It’s crazy what I am willing to do to get work!

Nothing illegal, no sir’ree.

So I have neo-noir crime with sex and violence, and I have a true crime book that I was part of, first person, coming of age in dysfunctional fractured family. Taking notes of witnesses statements. Then missing becomes dead. And the police take the case. I’ve been trying to tell this story for so long, almost all parties are dead.

I also played around with dystopian YA, and have much planned out. Just afraid it will come true before I can get it published.

We live in Norman, Oklahoma, with two crazy dogs. I garden and read and write books of all sorts. Just wait until you see my cookbook! I prefer fiction, neo-noir it’s called. In a space between cyberpunk and erotica, there’s life and death, and the eternal issues of class, family, and creed to play with. But the protagonist is flawed, yet likable, and there’s an homme fatale, instead. Very interesting plot, but quite a tangled web!

One thought on “About the Author”

  1. I hate to assume that this is spam however since I cannot read it because I am not familiar with whatever language it’s written in I’m guessing Russian but there are some symbols that look different. So right to me in English and tell me why you chose to comment about my author bio and then maybe we’ll have a conversation assuming you can have one in English because I can’t have one in Russian. I will not mark this as spam or block you until I know. Hope to hear from you.

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